Masi Gran Criterium Frameset Breaking Away

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ID: 8834
Manufacturer: Masi
Size: 51 cm
Condition: The frameset is a new one and therefore in excellent condition
Era: 1970s
Product ID: 8834
There are few cycling movies which are as famous as the 1979 underdog story Breaking Away. A central piece of the film, which won an acadamy award for best screenplay, is a bike.
The main act, Dennis Christopher as Dave Stoller, rides a Masi Gran Criterium.
He is obsessed with cycling and idolizes European racers so much that he embraces all things Italian. He greets parents and neighbors with an Italian accent. He sings classic Italian Opera in his room. He even shaves his legs. As a confused neighbor says, “He was as normal as pumpkin pie, and now look at him. His poor parents.” His bike is one of the nicest bikes, the market offered in the 1970s. The Masi Gran Criterium was Faliero Masi's masterpiece. The exemplar Dave Stoller rides shines is a beautiful pearly tangerine dream.
When Masi USA was going to screen the Movie Breaking Away at the Eroica California, they were looking for a replica to put it on display. So they asked Alberto Masi in Milan, who still has his workshop under the Vigorelli velodrome, if he would be capable of providing such a piece. So he made one. - Well in fact, he made two. One had a pump holder and one not.
The one with the pump holder was flown to California, the other one is now for sale here.
What you see here is a unique copy of the frame Dave Stoller rides in the movie. If that is not awesome, what is?
Additionaly the frame comes with a Cutters T-shirt, just like the team of friends in the movie wears when participating in the Little 500 bike race. This shirt was a special edition by Masi and on top, we got it signed by main actor Dennis Christopher when we were in California.
Of course, the frame also comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Alberto Masi.
Seat tube: 51cm
Top tube: 54cm
Seat post diameter: 27,2mm
Bottom bracket: ITA
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