NOS Eddy Merckx Professional 1981 Classic Road Bike

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ID: 3857
Manufacturer: Eddy Merckx
Size: 56 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts are working fine. Few traces of some testrides and small scratches from the times of storage. Thus we call it NOS.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 3857
The Eddy Merckx Professional was the top model of the early Eddy Merckx brand. It was 'the bike that lives up to its name' as the first prospect of Eddy Merckx stated.
When the unsurpassed Champion Eddy Merckx quit racing he started to set up a bicycle manufacture. Since he wanted to build the best road bikes possible, he managed to engage one of the best frame builders of all time to help him in designing the frames and teaching other frame builders. No one less than the great Ugo de Rosa welded the first frames of the Eddy Merckx Professional and helped Eddy in his first years as an entrepreneur.
Eddy Merckx Professionals from those early years are really sought after pieces of cycling history.
And here it is: A Professional from the year 1981, the second year of the selling period. And even more awesome: It is in an excellent condition!
The original paintwork and decal set are shining as colourful as if they were new. All the nice original details are there. The pantographs on the fork crown, the brake levers, the seat stay caps, the stem, the chainring...not to forget the brandings on the leather parts.
On the technical side the bike is kept very simple - just the best parts and the best tubing were used. That is a Campagnolo Super Record Groupset and the legendary Columbus SL tubes.
A well maintained early Merckx Professional is hard to find and certainly in such an exquisit original condition. Wether you are a collector or simply a fan of beautiful bikes with a great pedigree. Here is a chance to make yourself very very happy!

Frame Number: 5 E4350
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