NOS Tommasini Sintesi frameset 1990s

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ID: 11033
Manufacturer: Tommasini
Size: 56 cm
Condition: The frame is in very good condition. Very few minor signs of storage. Actually New Old Stock.
Era: 1990s
Product ID: 11033

The company of Irio Tommasini in the Tuscan Grossetto is famous for their high-tech yet playful approach on the classic steel road bike. Irio, a former racer, learned the techniques of frame building from one of the most important Italian frame builders of the post-war era: Giuseppe Pelà.

Tommasini steel frames are usually just a little bit more adorned than others, without being baroque. There is always a curve more in the lugs, a bit of extra chrome, a cutout more or a flamboyant touch to the paintwork. Just the way you can find on our NOS Tommasini Sintesi frameset from the 1990s.

The frame was custom made for a gentleman from Frankfurt Germany. But he never built it into a bike. The fact that he refrained from doing so, is your chance of buying a virtually new Sintesi frame for much less than a new one would cost you. Because the frame, made from classic diameter Columbus Neuron tubing, proved to be so in demand that you can still buy them from the Tommasini manufacture today.

Our frame has an ultra deep blue metallic paintwork with red accents and the typical chromed headlugs, stays and the legendary Tommasini Air fork.
On top it comes with the matching 3ttt Stem and a NOS Tommasini Bidon

Steerer tube: 1" unshortened
Rear triangle width: 130mm
Bottom bracket shell: 36x24, Italian

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