Packaging and Shipping our Bicycles

Packaging and Shipping our Bicycles

#1 The Wheels

The wheels are removed.

Releasing the front wheel

#2 The Saddle

The saddle and seat post are removed from the frame.

Removing the Saddle

#3 The Handlebars

The handlebars and stem are removed by unfastening the bolt inside the stem.

Removing the Handlebars

#4 The Crankset (Right Arm)

The Crankset is removed.

Removing the Crankarm

#5 The Rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur is removed from the hanger on the chainstay.

Removing the Rear Derailluer

#6 Inserting Dropout Spacers

Spacers are inserted in the front and rear dropouts, which will firmly keep the bike position in the transit.

Inserting the Dropout Spacers

#7 Protecting the Frame

Neoprene pipes are placed over the tubes and fasten into position with zip ties, this will prevent the frame from being scratched or dented when it is being shipped.

Covering the Frame

#8 Wrapping the Derailleurs

The derailleurs are protected with bubble wrap and attach to the tubing with a zip tie.

Wrapping the Derailleurs

#9 Protecting the Wheel

Plastic caps are placed over both ends of the wheel axles on both the front and rear wheel. Then bubble wrap is wrapped around the freewheel.

Protecting the Wheel

#10 Boxing the Components

The wheel quick releases, saddle and crank arm are wrapped up in bubble wrap and then placed into a cardboard box.

Boxing the Components

#11 Boxing the Bicycle

Finally, all of the bicycle components into the SVB box, and it’s ready to be shipped.

Boxing the Bicycle