Packing and Shipping our Bicycles in Large Boxes

Packaging and Shipping our Bicycles

#1 Protecting the Front Wheel

Release the quick release and secure it in bubble wrap. Then attach the plastic caps on the end of the axles to protect the wheel.

Protecting the Front Wheel

#2 Attaching the dropout spacer

Clip the plastic spacer inbetween the fork drop-outs to protect the wheel.

Attaching the dropout spacer

#3 Remove the Saddle

Remove the saddle by loosening the screw with an Allen key. You can find a set of Allen keys in our Basic tool Kit for Vintage bikes.

Remove the Saddle

#4 Reposition the Handlebars and Stem

To reduce the width of the bike for shipping, turn the stem 90° to the left and the handlebars about 90° down. Then you can tighten the bolts slightly.

Reposition the Handlebars and Stem

#5 Protecting the Frame

Neoprene pipes are placed over the tubes and fasten into position with zip ties, this will prevent the frame from being scratched or dented when it is being shipped.

Packaging the Frame

#6 Wrapping the Derailleurs

The derailleurs are protected with additional bubble wrap and are attached to the tubing with a zip tie.

Wrapping the Derailleurs

#7 Boxing the Bicycle

Finally, the bicycle and its components into the box, and it’s ready to be shipped..

Boxing the Bicycle