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Short info about Pogliaghi

Pogliaghi Logo

Information about Pogliaghi

Pogliaghi is an Italian frame builder from Milan. He started building frames when he was just 11 years old with his uncle Pierre Brambilla, a craftsman from the 1920s. In 1947 after his uncle death, Sante Pogliaghi opened his own bikes atelier in the heart of Milan, where he was know as the master tailor of bicycles. He continued the enterprise of Pierre Brambilla, using a similar a logo. Pogliaghi frames with serial number 6000/7000 have to be actually attributed to his uncle.

Pogliaghi masterpieces

Pogliaghi is very famous for his track bikes frames and tandems, although built plenty of stunning road bike frames. Pogliaghi frames were also used by champions as Merckx, Sercu, Faggin and Basso. The most famous Pogliaghi classic bicycles are Giro d'Italia and Extraleggera, both equipped with Campagnolo Record group set and with Universal Brakes. Pogliaghi bicycles built in the 1970s and earlier are very rare and valued since they are made by Sante Pogliaghi himself.

Pogliaghi today

Pogliaghi Italcorse Milano brand had been acquired by Marco Rossin in the early 1980s and since 1993 is owned by Alcide Basso. As Sante Pogliaghi said, he saw in Alcide Basso his natural follower.