Passoni Top Evolution Luxurious Titanium Road BIke

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ID: 16643
Manufacturer: Passoni
Size: 55 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. The frame has no dents, no cracks and is not bent. Parts and finish are original.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 16643
Since its beginnings, Passoni has been responsible for some of the finest and most exclusive titanium bikes available.
Though Luciano Passoni in his younger years was racing together with a certain Ernesto Colnago and also was a bit drawn to the frame building business, the story of Passoni bicycle frames is a very unlikely one where serendipity played a huge part.

It was not until a training ride where Luciano - then an entrepreneur with an electrical business in Milan - met Amelio Riva, that he was inspired by titanium.
Amelio Riva was an engineer who was working with titanium for different industrial and scientific applications. Building bicycle frames from the same material which he used in a different context, was more or less an elaborate hobby to him.
But since he had a lot of knowledge, a certain sense for balanced designs and access to titanium and necessary machinery, he became one of the pioneers of titanium bicycle design.
On request he built first one, then a second frame for Luciano Passoni. But when asked wether he would like to become a full time frame builder for a Passoni boutique brand, he declined. What he agreed to was, to take Luciano's son Luca in as an apprentice and to teach him how to build frames from titanium.

Since Passoni went into full production it has developed not only into a proper bicycle brand but moreover, it is almost a legend, definitely highly rated.
Their frames with typical smoothly sanded welding seams are amongst the most desired ones world wide.
Having a frame built and outfitted by Passoni easily costs you 10.000€. And there is only a small fraction of Passoni frames which are ever going into resale.

Thus we are proud to offer an excellent Passoni Top Evolution Titanium Road bike here.
As you could expect, the bike is lavishly equipped with special Passoni branded carbon fiber parts as well as a top class Campagnolo Super Record 11 groupset.

A bicycle for those who are passionate about cycling.
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