Peugeot PH12 Aero Road Bike 1983

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ID: 12981
Size: 57 cm
Condition: The bicycle is in good condition. The original paint and decals have someminor scratches. The frame has no cracks, dents and is not bent. All parts work fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 12981
Peugeot was one of those early bicycle manufacturers which grew big and succsessful during the 20th century. Their first bike was already built as early as 1882. But their reputation grew mainly due to their racing activities. Peugeot sponsored victorious racing squads and cyclists from 1903 until 1983.

In this time they managed to win the tour de france 10 times and countless championships, classics and one day races. Who has not seen the pictures of Tom Simpson and Eddy Merckx, winning the World Championships 1965 and 1967 on a Peugeot PX 10?

In the 80s, almost all bicycle manufactures were deep into a new thing in the businesses - aero design. The components, tubes and whole frame geometries supposed to be more effective in the battle against a wind resistance. Our Peugeot PH12 Aero bicycle is a perfect example of these experiments. The downtube, seattube, seatstays you name it - elliptical tube cross section was cool. An it still is nowadays. On the top, all the cables are routed internally.

The bicycle has almost no signs of previous usage, just some little wear from the storage. The original tires showed some years of storage time, so we swapped them for a pair of brand new and excellent Panaracer Pasella PT ones with puncture protection.

All in all, a perfect bicycle for your everyday ride.
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