Peugeot PXN 10E Classic Road Bike 1970s

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ID: 16347
Size: 52 cm
Condition: The bicycle is in good condition. The frame ha no dents, no bends and it has no cracks. The paintwork and decals are original. All parts are working fine. A slight color alteration of the frame which seems to have received a new clear coating / rexpray.
Era: 1970s
Product ID: 16347
Peugeot Road bikes have always been built with the needs of amateur racers in mind, who are best served with a strong, long lasting frame and reliable components.
Our Peugeot PXN 10E is no exception. The top class frame has been equipped with nice French parts of the era and finished with a wheelset with original clincher tires.
The tubing which has been used for the frame is the legendary and race-proven Reynolds 531. As for the parts, a fine French componentry combination of Mafac, Stronglight, Simplex etc. can be found on this bike. But not just any parts were used, it is the top class that went onto this PXN 10E.
Our Peugeot has been thoroughly checked and is in good condition.
Now it is fit for everyday rides, weekend touring or Eroica races.
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