Pinarello Prestige Oro Rare Road Bike 1979

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ID: 15369
Manufacturer: Pinarello
Size: 56 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is straight. Frame with plating and decals has been refurbished. All parts have been thoroughly checked and are working fine.
Era: 1970s
Storage: BMA
Product ID: 15369
Giovanni 'Nani' Pinarello, born in 1922, was one of the whole generation of riders from child rich families who chose a career in cycling. In the era of Coppi, Bartali and Bobet, he was quite a successful amateur rider with loads of won races which eventually earned him a contract as professional rider.
The year of 1953 then saw him making his dream come true - by using money which he got as a compensation for handing over his Giro d'Italia starting place for the setup of a bicycle shop and manufacture in his hometown Treviso.

From then on Pinarello bikes became more and more famous, more and more refined.
In 1975 the company finally achieved its first Giro d'Italia victory. And today there are not many brands with a similar number of triumphs in big races.

One of their best bikes, the Pinarello Prestige was, like the name suggests the absolute top model a rare piece with fully internally routed cables long before the Montello was launched. It is absolutely one the greatest racing bicycles which left the prestigious factory from Treviso, Italy.
It is even rarer in its gold plated version. And to be honest, it is the only 1970s gold plated Pinarello we have seen in the flesh so far.

Manufactured with light Columbus tubes, the Pinarello Prestige is easily recognisable by its advanced internal cable routing.
This superb, elegant Pinarello arrived at Steel Vintage Bikes in original condition. After a close inspection of the decals and gold plating, we decided that due to numerous small flaws and rub-offs, we would refurbish the frame.
And here it is in all its glory. Equipped with the original Campagnolo Super Record components with pantographed details and lots of titanium, NOS Ambrosio clincher rims and Cinelli parts.
This bike weighs - including pedals -only 8.8kg!

The bicycle has been checked and adjusted by the expert hands of our mechanics in Berlin: ready to ride!

The right choice for friends of really rare exquisite bikes and Pinarello fans. Suitable to enrich a collection or to hit the L'Eroica roads!
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