Rickert Spezial Classic Bicycle 1980s

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ID: 5803
Manufacturer: Rickert Spezial
Size: 53 cm
Condition: The bike is in excellent condition. The frame has no cracks no dents and is not bent. The chrome is original and in great condition. All parts are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 5803
Hugo Rickert was an artisan frame builder from Dortmund, Germany. Born in 1928, young Hugo found himself without work after the second world war. So the former cyclist learned the art of welding and brazing frames for several years and eventually opened his own workshop in the year 1952. It should become sort of a pilgrimage site for German cycling enthusiasts for the next 5 decades before the workoholic Rickert had to close it for good in 2002 after three strokes.
First he produced frames under the brand name Ric Super but after a lawsuit from a similar named company he changed his brand name to Rickert Spezial
Over all the years Rickert built excellent lugged frames mainly from Reynolds tubing. Countless victories were achieved on his bikes. Among them olympic gold medals and world championships. His bikes have indeed been ridden in 5 different olympic games!
Even if you have not heard of Rickert you may know one of his inventions, the Campagnolo high-low-flange Record hub with two different flange diameters.
Being an incredibly leery man who never took an apprentice or helper into the business out of fear that the quality of his frames might be watered down, Hugo build every single bike completely by himself. Only his wife Doris was allowed to take part in the process by lacing spokes and building wheels - and legendarily pinstriping the outlines of the lugs of already painted frames in her kitchen.
Our Rickert is from the early 1980s. It is made of the good old faithful Reynolds 531 tubing. Its fork has the famous Cinelli Crown which Rickert used most of the time. The parts are formed around a beautiful adequate Campagnolo Super Record groupset. And it would not be a Rickert Spezial without a special colour and nice lugs. Well in our case the colour is a complete shiny chroming! Hugo Rickert took some serious extra money for this service
If you have a heart for special bikes from artisan frame builders, this breathtaking beauty surely will warm it.
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