Rigi Bici Corta Classic Road Bike 1980s

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ID: 6379
Manufacturer: Rigi
Size: 50 cm
Condition: The bike is in excellent condition. The frame has no dents, cracks or bends. Paintwork is refurbished. All parts have been checked and are working fine.
Era: 1980s
Product ID: 6379

In Italian Bici Corta means 'short bike'. This is what Giorgio Rinaldi, the Italian engineer who designed and built the "Bici corta" (Rigi comes from RInaldi GIorgio), wanted to create: a shorter, therefore lighter and quicker, bicycle frame.

To do that he radically changed the seat tube configuration, using, instead of the standard seat tube of 1" diameter, two smaller tubes, about the size of stays.
These twin seat tubes run from the seat cluster to the outside edges of the bottom bracket shell. This allows the rear triangle to be drastically shortened, placing the rear wheel between the twin seat tubes.

Through the corners, maneuvering in the pack, a rider can feel the difference as the bicycle becomes extremely well responding.

By anchoring the twin tubes at the outside edges of the bb-shell, a structural rigidity is attained that is absolutely incredible. Hill climbing, massed start and sprinting make the Rigi shine. Instead of flexing the bottom bracket shell, you are putting your power where it belongs, straight into the freewheel.

But should a high class bike not be light, too? Yes it should.
First consider the fact that a shorter rear triangle means shorter chain and seat stays. And the weight savings of the frame design allow a shorter, thus lighter chain, too!

The Rigi is built with Columbus tubing throughout. The fork blades are of a special stiff NiCr stainless steel. As for the parts there can be nothing less than the best - Campagnolo Super Record.

If we were smaller you would never get the chance to make this bike your own

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