Sala La Brianzola Sports Bike 1950s

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ID: 14904
Manufacturer: Steel Vintage Bikes
Size: 56 cm
Condition: The bike is generally working but parts and frame are timeworn. No dents or cracks on the frame. Fork had a repair on the left dropout. Chrome / paint has faded but only little oxidation. Parts have been checked for general functionality.
Era: 1950s
Storage: BMB-ST
Product ID: 14904
At first sight this bike is just another old city cruiser, which was abused on the streets, left behind in an open court for decades and finally banned to a humid basement, slowly deteriorating towards its inevitable death.

But at a closer look, it reveals that the frame seems to be pretty sound and that much of the brown stains which are showing under the fading chrome are actually not rust but a thick copper plating, the like of which used to be lavishly applied back in the day.
An aluminium handlebar with horn grips, the plating and sportive angles tell the story of a bike that once was a bit of luxury, a fast and expensive machine.
And then, when one discovers the smooth internally routing of the rear brake cable and the shifting cable (sadly there is no derailleur nor shifter installed), it becomes clear that this has been an extravagantly designed masterpiece.
Lifting it in the air it overcomes any doubt. The whole copper plated, chromed machine including averagely heavy wheels, seatpost, stem, pedals and saddle plus steel mudguards and chromed chainguar weighs in at a stunning 12.3kg!! For an old city bike and this setup the weight is nothing less than sensational, whit slight changes to the parts it could easily end up a lot lighter, including a new shifting.

The maker, Sala from Brianza had already made successful racing machines on which the amateurs classement of the Giro d'Italia had been won, when this sports bike was built.
Due to its timeworn condition, this bike might right now not be in the state for a normal utilization as regular means of transportation. But we strongly recommend it as a great starting point for an extraordinary restoration project where the outcome would be as elegant as profoundly fast!
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