Selcof Titanio Lightweight Seatpost

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ID: 17240
Manufacturer: Selcof
Condition: The seatpost is in good condition. The shaft show signs of previous insertions, mainly on the bottom part. All threads are ok. The seatpost has no bends, cracks or dents.
Era: 2000s
Product ID: 17240

Selcof is well known for its seat post. This one is one from the top shelf of this Italian producer. The shaft is made of titanium and the clamping mechanism has a single Allan key bolt for micro adjustments. This particular one has been shortened to 18 cm.

Diameter: 27,2 mm

Lenght from the end to the seat rails: 18,1 cm

Maximum extension from the seat tube to the seat rails: approximately 13 cm

Setback: approx. 1,5 cm

Weight: 186 g

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