Tanzanian Filter Coffee by Steel Vintage Bikes Café

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Product ID: 17377
Grinding gears and grinding beans have a deeper connection than just a pro-team sponsorship like Faema or Café de Colombia.

Coffee and cycling is match made in heaven. Do you like high quality Filter Coffee as much as we do? Then feast your eyes on our very own coffee beans. We roast our own coffee at Steel Vintage Bikes in Berlin, Germany.

This bag contains single origin roasted Arabica whole beans (250 grams each = ca. 0.55lbs):



Altitude: 1400-1500 meters

Water Source: Mountain Natural Spring

Variety: Bourbon Arabica

Soil Type: Volcanic

Processing: fully wet washed

Origin Story:

The coffee’s unique location, on the southern edge of Mount Meru, a composite, dormant volcano located 40km away from Mount Kilimanjaro. The extremely fertile volcanic soil is particularly remarkable for the organic cultivation that these beans undergo. The Aranga Specialty Coffee group consists of 35 farmers who are known throughout Tanzania for their particular, ecological cultivation method. In the western part of Mount Meru they grow their Arabica plants, which are certified organic. The high slopes on which the plants grow and the influence of the region-specific soil conditions give this coffee its unique aroma.

Cup Profile: Our Aranga captivates with a silky, balanced mouthfeel and notes of vanilla. It has an aroma reminiscent of currants. A delicious, and slightly fruity coffee.

Please note that the stamped date is the roast date and the beans need at least 10 days rest before they should be consumed

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