Technicycle 650c Speed Randonneur by Hanart

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ID: 12297
Manufacturer: Technicycle
Size: 47 cm
Condition: The bike is in very good condition. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. Few scratches. All parts have been thoroughly checked, and are working fine.
Era: 1990s
Product ID: 12297
Daniel Hanart is, what the French call a 'constructeur'. Not somebody who only builds a frame but rather an artisan with a sense for the complete design of the bike who comes up with unusual solutions and - if need be - is also building components from scratch.
His understanding of this matter comes from his experiences as a rider: the man from the region north of Paris has been connected to the cycling sport for a long time and has been a successful amateur. He even beat a world- and olympic champion on the track once!
Hanart worked as a welder for about 15 years before he opened a bicycle shop. By 1980 he then started to produce his own frames which eventually evolved in his brand Technicycle.

He soon became well known among enthusiasts as one of the most skilled frame builders around. And his bikes are breathtaking indeed.
He built the bike for Jeannie Longo's world hour record in 1985 as well as the bike for the 1995 100km record. And in 1998 when Look already showered the French riders with their frames, the national pursuit champion was victorious on a frame made by Hanart.

Another side of his engagement in the cycling scene was his presidency of the 'confrerie des 650' - the brotherhood of the 650s. A society dedicated to bicycle touring on 26" wheels. Something which is getting more popular again with the movement towards 650b tires on gravel- and touring bikes.

Knowing all that, it is no surprise that Daniel Hanart was able to come up with such a nice thing as our 650c frame.
Small frames always have the problem that the angle of the head tube is getting averagely flat and the top tube very long. Geometry and the issues of toe overlap are taking their toll. The outcome often is a road bike with the responsiveness and the angles of a city cruiser.
Hanart neutralized all this by changing to a smaller wheel diameter which was popular for Randonneur bikes - the French fast touring bikes - anyway.
The frame of our Technicycle 650c Speed Touring Bike is made to the perfection you would expect by such a master builder. Smooth fillet brazed joints give the construction a noble appearance, while the sloping top tube allows riding in a more upright position.
A frame like this is perfectly fit for long distance rides at a higher speed than a normal touring machine would ever be capable of.
Hanart even added eyelets for the installation of the classic small front rack!
The bike is equipped with high quality parts many of which are new or new old stock. The heart of the componentry is formed by Campagnolo Record and Stronglight parts. A compact crankset allows an unbroken rhythm when riding in a hilly terrain and Schwalbe's top class Ultremo ZX tires let you roll fast and safe.

A truly great bike for smaller riders!

Please note, that the seat tube is actually 45cm center-top but because of the sloping geometry relates to a classic 47cm.
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