Umberto Dei Strada Classic Road Bicycle 1960s

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ID: 19470
Brand: Umberto Dei
Size: 52 cm
Condition: The bike is in good condition, especially considering it's age. The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts have been checked and are working good.
Era: 1960s
Product ID: 19470

It is hard to give a short summary of the life and the influence of Umberto Dei on the bicycle industry. So plentiful are his merits that it would be easy to fill a whole book with them.

So we have to cut it short. Umberto Dei was a successful racer and a bicycle mechanic apprentice at the same time. In the late 1890s he started to build his own bikes. First just for friends, soon for other riders.
Umberto's desire was to build the best bikes possible, ever refining his techniques. That way his bikes became rather expensive but also considerably smoother rides than his competitor's. With the years he and his employees acquired an expertise and fame which was second to none. For the 1936 Olympic games, Umberto Dei delivered bicycles to the teams of no less than 9 foreign countries!

After the war, he had to start all over again since his facilities and home had been bombed. But he still had the loyalty of his employees, many of whom had started to work for him when still being a kid, and who had collected an unsurpassed competence.

That way success came back very soon. And more beautiful bikes left the new factory - just like our Umberto Dei Strada which stems from 1960s.

It arrived in our shop in nice original condition with the typical dark green paintjob and chromed lugs and forks. The equipment is also mostly original, and large share consists of the then newly introduced Campagnolo Record group. Campagnolo didn't produce brakes back then, so Universal was the first choice for racing bicycles. You will also find Ambrosio Champion cockpit, Fiamme rims and NOS Larcia leather saddle.

Bicycle which will shine in any classic bicycle collection but it rides perfectly well too. 



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