Umberto Dei "Modello Oro" Classic Bicycle 1950s

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ID: 5514
Manufacturer: Umberto Dei
Size: 54 cm
Condition: Good condition. The bicycle is in original condition. No dents, no cracks or bends. All parts work fine. Paintwork and parts show signs of usage.
Era: 1950s
Product ID: 5514

Umberto Dei "Modello Oro" Classic Bicycle from the 1950s. The story of this Italian brand began a long time ago when Umberto Dei started manufacturing his first cycles in 1896, the same year in which the Lumiere brothers invented cinematography and Guglielmo Marconi created the wireless telephone. His atelier in Via Pasquali Paoli no. 4 in Milan would release some of the finest bicycles of the Milanese tradition until the late 1950s, before Atala acquireq the brand.

Mr. Dei was well-known worldwide for the lightness of his road and track bicycles, as well as of city bikes which were actually the brand's flagship.

The Umberto Dei "Modello Oro" model was one of those high-end and elegant city bicycles released between the 1940s and late 1950s. Since we found this bicycle in its original condition we decided to keep it as authentic as it was.

The lugged steel frame has the typical geometry of classic city bicycles with a very up-right ride position. That - together with 650C wheels - makes this Umberto Dei a very comfortable bicycle.

Being built in an era in which craftsmanship was predominant, it is still reliable and thus suitable for the daily use. The rod brakes perfectly work and the right roller brake lever operates both the front and rear brake.

A bicycle which you will hardly find it twice...

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