Wilier Triestina Jaroon New Steel Ramata Gravel Bicycle

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Wilier Triestina Jaroon 105

One of the oldest and most prestigious Italian bicycle brands still existing, the Wilier, was founded in 1906 in Bassano del Grappa, northern Italy.

Its name is a patriotic statement, referring to the claim W l’Italia LIbera E Redenta. (Meaning: Long live Italy, free and redeemed).

Nowadays Willer is keeping up to their reputation with modern high-style and high-performance steel bicycles, as the new member of the family: the Wilier Jaroon 105. A gravel bicycle for limitless emotions, which will take you through the city and around the world.

This bicycle combines style and performance thanks to high-technology features and components. Its paintwork is certainly the highlight: called "Ramata" - the Italian for copper-coated - it consists of a thin varnish over chromed tubes which creates a unique translucent paint job. The frame is made with a special welding technique, that makes the joints look seamless.

It has a rear through axle and differentiated diameter head tube. For optimal comfort and versatility the bicycle mounts a 27.2 mm diameter seat-post and a racing handlebar with 12° flare-out. The Shimano 105 groupset merges the shifting technologies of the Ultegra and Dura Ace groups with slightly heavier and robust material. A flat mount hydraulic disc brake system, together with a monocoque all-carbon fork with through axle provide for efficient response and fun with safety. To accompany you in your wildest adventures the frame can accommodate tires up to 42mm, mudguards and front and rear racks.

Size Chart

S 43.5 52.7 49.0 74.5° 13.0 44.0 71.0°
M 45.5 54.5 51.0 74.0° 15.0 44.0 71.5°
L 47.5 56.3 53.0 73.5° 17.0 44.0 71.5°
XL 49.5 58.1 55.0 73.0° 19.0 44.0 71.5°

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