The history of Campagnolo

The history of Campagnolo

Campagnolo is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality bicycle components that has left an incredible mark on the cycling industry since its beginning in 1933. Founded by Tullio Campagnolo, a racing cyclist, the company has been focused on innovation, introducing new technologies and working with cycling legends. We hope to offer you an insight into Campagnolo's rich history, famous group sets, and the challenges they had during their journey.


Campagnolo's Timeline of Innovation

Campagnolo Quick Release

In 1927 Tullio Campagnolo changed cycling with the invention of the quick-release mechanism. Because of the inconvenience of single cog rear hubs, he developed a solution to change gear changes, finding a way for smoother transitions without dismounting of your bicycle.

Campagnolo Cambio Corsa

In 1943, Campagnolo introduced the Cambio Corsa, a gear-shifting mechanism placed at the back of the bike. While it was innovative, most of the people thought it was dangerous because of its unconventional design.

Campagnolo Paris-Roubaix

In 1950, Coppi won Paris-Roubaix with Campagnolo’s new "Una leva" derailleur, replacing the older "Due leve" model from 1947. After Coppi’s win, it became known as the Paris-Roubaix model.

Campagnolo Gran Sport

In 1953, Campagnolo introduced the term gruppo (groupset) with the Gran Sport rear derailleur. This was the first time that rear and front derailleurs, hubs, and levers were sold together as a complete system.

Campagnolo Record:

The 1963 Campagnolo Record might not have been super fancy, but it's a big deal as the first derailleur with the iconic 'Record' name. 'Campagnolo Record' are basically the most respected words in the world of great bike parts.

Campagnolo Nuovo Record:

In 1968 the Nuovo Record rear derailleur was introduced. It is entirely crafted from lightweight alloys and the derailleur is capable of shifting between up to 6 gears. Nuovo Record would last until 1978 and for 20 years this Nuovo Record group stood as the most widely used component set in the professional cycling peloton.

Campagnolo Super Record

In 1973 was the introduction of the Super Record road and track groupsets that marked a pinnacle in Campagnolo's achievements. They held their status as the best available groupset until the new gear shifting advances in 1984.

Campagnolo 50th anniversary:

This groupset was made in 1983 to celebrate the 50 years that the company existed. This Groupset can be recognised by the gold plated parts. In total they made 15,000 of these groups. The first group that was made is now in the Campagnolo museum and the second one made was given to Pope John Paul II.  

Campagnolo C-Record

The C-Record groupset replaced the Super Record groupset. It became the biggest groupset on the market in the 1980s, once again showing Campagnolo's reputation for making top tier components. 


Campagnolo's legacy in the cycling world is one of innovation, resilience, and a commitment to excellence. From the early days of the quick release to the iconic Super Record and C-Record groupsets, Campagnolo has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in cycling components. As the company continues to grow, its contributions to the cycling industry remain important to the sport's history and progress.