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      What is Eroica bicycle?

       What is an Eroica bicycle?

      An Eroica bicycle should meet some requirements:

      • Classic Pedals with cages and straps
      • Downtube shifters
      • Externally routed brake cables (attention: only outside of the handlebar, the cables can be routed inside the top tube as there were bicycles built in early 20th century already using internal cable routing...)
      • Low profile rims with at least 32 spokes
      • A steel frame built before 1987 (also an early alloy frames qualify)

      Eroica bicycles are road bikes in the vintage design that are inspired by the legendary L'Eroica cycling race in Tuscany, Italy. To replicate the appearance and feel of historic racing bikes from the mid-20th century, these bikes are constructed using traditional materials and components, such as steel frames and downtube shifters.

      Our additional recommendations for an Eroica bicycle:

      • Eroica has many climbs and you would need a good frewheel for climbing those. We recommend getting at least 26 teeth in the back. By the way, if you found a bike that you like at Steel Vintage Bikes but the freewheel is smaller, we are happy to upgrade it to a one with 26 or 28 teeth.
      • Eroica events take place on "white" roads. They are called white because of the typical sandy gravel in Tuscany that has white color. We recommend using good tires to enjoy the ride and have less repairs. Ideally you would use at least 25 or 28mm wide tires with good grip. Avoid using very old tires as the danger of punctures on the fast descents and cycling off-road is very high.
      • We recommend using good brakes and check your brake pads. Steel Vintage Bikes offers many spare parts that can make your ride more safe and enjoyable.

      Cycling enthusiast who value the beauty, simplicity, and durability of vintage-style bikes have become fond of Eroica bicycles. These bicycles are made for riders who wish to enjoy and feel free when cycling on less-traveled routes. They provide a smooth and comfortable ride, making them perfect for touring, bikepacking and long distance rides.

      Steel Vintage Bikes is delighted to supply a wide selection of Eroica bicycles to meet the needs and preferences of every rider. Our bikes are handcrafted with high-quality components and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a ride that is both elegant and trustworthy. Discover the timeless elegance of Eroica bicycles by shopping our selection today.

      What is an Eroica bicycle
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