5 More Brilliant Vintage Bicycles

5 More Brilliant Vintage Bike Brands

You probably read our other article about Most Collectible Bikes, so as a way of not disappointing you, here is a list of 5 more vintage bike brands you will love! Vintage bikes are special because they all contain their own unique story and by purchasing one, you buy into it and become the next chapter. They are also all made by hand, therefore have been individually constructed with the finest parts and have all played their part in the direction of the sport of cycling.

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1. Peugeot

Peugeot bicycle

Here is a fine example of a Peugeot PX10 bicycle from 1971

Peugeot was one of those early bicycle manufacturers which grew exponentially during the 20th Century with the growth of the professional circuit. Their first bike was already built around 1882, but their reputation grew mainly due to their racing activities. Peugeot sponsored racing squads and cyclists from 1903 until 1983.

In this time they managed to win the tour de france 10 times and numerous championships, classics and one day races. Who hasn’t seen the pictures of Tom Simpson and Eddy Merckx winning the World Championships 1965 and 1967 on a Peugeot?

Peugeot cycles was a branch of the same Peugeot company that manufactures cars to this day, therefore any vintage Peugeot bicycle that you encounter will be a true manufacturing relic.

Peugeot championed the use of the finest French components as a way of showing how talented the world of French manufacturing was. All the frames are made by hand and extremely resilient, providing a great foundation for the quality French parts to work together in unison.

2. Gios

Gios bicycle

An example of a Gios Torino Super Record 2nd Generation in their typical blue color.

Gios was founded by Tolmino Gios in 1958 in Turin, hence the name of the bicycle. They started out life as a company that created city bikes, but after a chance encounter at a Milan bicycle fair the brand was asked to produce race bicycles for the iconic Brooklyn chewing gum cycling team in the 1970s. It was with Brooklyn that the classic deep and iconic shade of blue was adopted for all bikes. The success of the great cyclist Roger de Vlaeminck riding a Gios grew the popularity of the brand.

Vintage Gios bikes are well constructed, dazzling and highly sought after. It is also more than likely that any Gios purchased will feature the trademark Blue, harking back to the glory years of the brand during the 1970s. The iconic colourway makes the brand extremely recognizable, but it is the expertise of the Gios family that goes into the construction of the bikes that makes them the collectible items that they are.

3. Olmo

Olmo bicycle

An Olmo bicycle from 1970s with chromed lugs.

Giuseppe Olmo was a successful cyclist of the pre WWII era, he set the UCI World Hour Record in 1935 which he held for one year. He also represented Italy at the 1936 Olympic games and won gold in the team time trial. However, following his retirement, he decided to set up his own bicycle company in Celle Ligure - Olmo Biciclette.

Olmo used his experience as an athlete in the development of new bicycles. The brand grew to produce not only racing bicycles, but also city bikes and mountain bikes. The production of Olmo bicycles is still located in Italy and remains a very popular choice today; both for the new designs that are being churned out and for the classically beautiful vintage bicycles built in the 1970s and 1980s.

Vintage Olmo bikes are extremely rare because once people get their hands on them, they don’t want to release it. This is because of the brilliant build-quality and expertise of the founder of the brand. His expertise flowed through the company and ensured that all bikes that left the Olmo factory were of the highest standard.

4. Pinarello

Pinarello bicycle

A fully gold-platted Pinarello Prestige Oro from 1979.

Pinarello was founded in 1952 by Giovanni ‘Nani’ Pinarello. Before starting the Pinarello legend, Nani was a successful cyclist himself. Between 1946 to 1953, he won the Giro delle Dolomiti and Rome-Naples-Rome. However, he gained infamy for being the winner of the 1951 Giro d’Italia maglia nera, the black jersey, awarded to the final finisher.

The following year, his team expelled him from the Giro squad at the last moment, compensating him with 100,000 lire for his troubles. Using the very same money, Giovanni set up and opened a workshop to begin building his own bicycles. The Pinarello shop opened in 1953, achieving a few small successes as a team sponsor during the 1960s. It wasn’t until 1975 before the great history of Pinarello’s palmarès would begin, as Fausto Bertoglio won the Giro d’Italia. From here, the heroic stories would begin. Miguel Indurain’s hour record. Jan Ullrich’s Tour de France victory. Multiple successes and grand tours with Team Sky. Bradley Wiggins’ hour record. All achievements conquered aboard a Pinarello, making it a brand to respect.

Vintage Pinarello bicycles are often the bicycles that collectors wait their whole life to get a chance of purchasing. The unbelievable history of the brand paired with the rarity of finding one means that they are very desirable.

5. Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx bicycle

Here is an early Eddy Merckx Professional with chromed fork and Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group.

One of the most successful cyclists to ever exist, Eddy Merckx won 525 races in his illustrious career. He inspired many generations of people to jump on the saddle and worked with some phenomenal mechanics along his way to success. If you want to see more about Eddy Merckx click here.

His unrivalled ability paired with his understanding of what was important in constructing winning bicycles meant that following his retirement in 1978, Eddy Merckx set up his own company in 1980. Under the tutelage of friend, and ex-colleague, ‘The Master’ Ugo De Rosa, Merckx created one of the most sought after and high end bicycle manufacturers. Eddy Merckx vintage bicycles have all passed through his factory under his watchful gaze, so you know that every vintage Eddy Merckx bike is a real piece of structural success.

Finding a vintage Eddy Merckx bike can be a challenge, they are very popular amongst cycling historians due to the brand’s founder. However, they are also a joy to ride because so much care and attention has gone into every bike.


The story of every single company to reach legendary status is enthralling and the story of each bike that left the factories is simply fascinating. This story is waiting to be continued by you- whether for collection or riding, a vintage bike gives something that no other bike can do: relive the past.