New Retro Cycling Shoes


      What is a cycling shoe?

      Cycling shoes are shoes that are specially designed for cycling. With our great range of vintage-style cycling shoes, you will find a pair of shoes that matches your vintage bicycle. So you can ride your bike with the perfect pair of shoes. We offer cycling shoes from our premium partners, like Pantofola d'Oro, Vittoria and our bespoke shoe partner from Padua, Italy. Our cycling shoes are available in a range of different sizes from eu size 38 to eu size 47 or us size 6 to us size 13. Our cycling shoes are made from the highest quality possible, and all include premium materials, such as Italian bespoke leather.

      What are the benefits of wearing cycling shoes?

      You should wear Cycling Shoes because they make sure your power is more evenly distributed. When you wear normal shoes with platform pedals the power you put on the pedals will only be distributed when you push your feet downwards, whereas if you would wear our Handmade Cycling Shoes with pedal cages, power is also distributed into the upward motion. With this you can Cycle for much longer because you distribute your power on the pedals much better, so you can cycle for longer. This makes sure that you will win every Vintage Cycling contest with our great matching shoes for your bike.

      What are the differences between cycling shoes and normal shoes?

      The biggest difference between normal shoes and our Cycling shoes is that Cycling shoes Improve your Cycling ability. With that you can Cycle much more comfortably and efficiently which in turn makes sure that Cycling is fun in the long run. Please make sure that you practise dismounting your bike before going out to the road. This can be different from everyday shoes that aren’t fixed to your bike. Because trust me, it isn’t fun if you have to stop for a traffic light and you are still attached to your bike.

      How much do cycling shoes cost?

      Make sure to check our Cycling Shoe page to look at the prices of our current Cycling Shoes. With our handcrafted bespoke Italian made Cycling Shoes you are sure to pay the right price for the best Italian Cycling Shoes.

      What sizes of cycling shoes are there?

      Our Vintage-styles Cycling Shoes are available in a range of different sizes. To make sure if your size is the best possible fit please take a look at our dedicated shoe pages, with a helpful sizing guide.