About Steel Vintage Bikes

About Steel Vintage Bikes

Since first opening in 2012, Steel Vintage Bikes has become the ultimate destination for rare, classic and Vintage Bicycles. Operating from our workshop and showroom in Berlin, Germany; our love for the golden age of cycling is energised by our desire to connect people to the history, quality and craftsmanship of handmade steel bicycles.

We not only specialise in classic bicycles and components, but Steel Vintage Bikes also carefully curates a selection of Modern Steel frames, builds and parts from today’s most sought after frame-builders. We also stock an ever-evolving range of apparel and accessories that are perfect for you, or as a gift for the keen cyclist in your life.

Our cycling obsessed team, like our bikes, hail from around the world. We are all here to help you find the perfect ride!

We are the only destination for bicycles approved for Eroica events, the finest collections and – of course – the thrill of riding.

GCN about Steel Vintage Bikes

GCN visits SVB in Berlin

Over the years, we have developed relationships with collectors from around Europe, ensuring we are able to get our hands on some of the finest machines to ever grace the roads. Every vintage bicycle we purchase is carefully vetted for authenticity and current condition, this means each bicycle can be dated and traced to the manufacturer. After identifying the era, we equip these bikes with components that respect and adhere to the period in which they were initially ridden. Our secret is our very own time machine: our world class workshop. Here, we reinvigorate the bikes to return them to their former glory. Every single detail, big or small, matters to us, and we ensure our bikes look and ride as if they were brand new.

Many of our bikes are collectors pieces, but we believe EVERY bike is a unique work of art, and thus cannot be viewed in the same way. Therefore, we only use the best couriers and packaging methods to ship worldwide. Our reputation speaks for itself as we have delivered over 2500 bikes around the globe.

Steel Vintage Bikes Cafés - x in Berlin Mitte

Apart from our online shop, we also have two bicycle cafés in Berlin Mitte

Auguststr.91 and the other one in the Wilhelmstr. 91.

Steel Vintage Bikes Cafés are famous for their huge variety of breakfast and brunch options served all day long, daily fresh lunch and fantastic coffee. Our delicious beans are roasted by our very own roasting experts in-store. We source raw beans from the most ethical and desirable farms from across the globe. We then pay incredible attention to the roasting process each variety requires, to ensure that we achieve the optimum flavour the beans can produce. Our beans are then used in our cafes, from our state of the art espresso machine, to our delicious hand-drip coffees - from bean to cup, we've done it all.

In the concept stores, that are part of the cafés, there is a hand-picked selection of our favourite vintage bicycles, modern and retro cycling apparel and our very own original and unique SVB clothing. Our design team have thought of it all, whether you're after a retro or modern jersey, t-shirt, sweatshirt, cycling cap, jacket, and much more: we have it!Visit a Steel Vintage Bikes Café in Berlin and enjoy our homemade food and handmade bikes!