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      Cycling Jerseys and Short for Retro and Modern Look

      A cyclist's outfit must include both performance and fashionable cycling jerseys and shorts. We provide a large variety of high-quality cycling jerseys and shorts from our own brand and other top companies like Santini, TRE EMME and more at Steel Vintage Bikes. Our selection of both vintage and modern Cycling jerseys makes it simple for you to discover the ideal outfits for your unique style, our high-quality, moisture-wicking materials and comfortable fits are made to improve your performance and comfort on any ride. These cycling jerseys are handmade in Italy to offer Italien like quality and a great fit. 

      Quality cycling jerseys and shorts may make all the difference in your riding experience, whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just getting started. Our specialists can assist you in determining the ideal design and fit for your requirements and tastes so you may ride in comfort and confidence. Choose from Steel Vintage Bikes's wide selection of jerseys and shorts to update your riding gear right now.

      What sizes of Cycling Jerseys are there?

      We offer a great selection of Cycling Jerseys sizes, from xs to xxl. A size diagram is included in every Jersey article on our website. You are also able to try on our Cycling Jerseys at our store in Berlin. And if you buy a Jersey online that doesn't fit. Just return it for free!

      From which materials are Cycling Jerseys made?

      Our vintage Cycling jerseys are mostly made with marino wool, you can find them here. Modern cycling jerseys are mostly made of synthetic materials. These materials are more tight to make sure you have less air resistance. But do of course fit as well with your vintage bike as their wool counterparts.

      Retro Cycling Jerseys

      Vintage wool cycling jerseys and shorts offer the ideal balance of elegance and performance for cyclists seeking a timeless, traditional aesthetic. We have a large collection of top-quality vintage wool cycling jerseys and shorts from renowned labels like TRE EMME, Santini, and more at Steel Vintage Bikes

      Our high-quality, breathable, lightweight, and comfortable vintage wool cycling jerseys and shorts offer the best moisture management and temperature regulation. These vintage items stand out on any trip thanks to their classic styles and vibrant hues.

      Our collection of vintage wool cycling jerseys and shorts is sure to please, whether you're a collector, a retro enthusiast, or simply appreciate the look and functionality of vintage cycling equipment. Discover the ideal accent to your riding gear by shopping today. We at Steel Vintage Bikes are committed to provide the finest vintage cycling gear so you may ride in elegance and comfort.

      Caring for your Retro Cycling Jersey

      Wool is a delicate material and needs to be maintained to keep it in good condition for a long time. This means that when washing it, lower temperatures on wool-specific cycles in your washing machine are advised. Once washed, they should be air-dried and stored in cotton bags or around moth baths to prevent them from being eaten! 

      Merino wool, however, can be washed at regular 40°C and doesn’t require the same level of dedication to keep in perfect working condition.