Francesco Moser
Indoor Hour Record 1988
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Francesco Moser, a name that is synonymous with cycling. A cyclist that will always be remembered as one of the greats. Moser was dominant from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, with a total of 273 road victories, which include; three editions of Paris–Roubaix, two victories in the Giro di Lombardia and the Giro d’Italia in 1984. But what has really cemented his name in history are his hour-record attempts. Those were still the years when records were divided into three categories: records at high altitude, records below 600 metres and indoor records. 

High Altitude Hour Record 1984
Below 600m Hour Record 1986
Indoor Hour Record 1988

When attempting these records it was clear that Moser thought differently, and developed his bicycles to be as aerodynamically as possible. This involved special clothing and of course very special bicycles. They were not lightweight, however, the frames forced the rider's body into aerodynamic positions. 

For his attempt at the Indoor Record the champion from Trentino rode a bike with an incredible 101cm diameter drive wheel.

Francesco Moser Personal Indoor Hour Record Time Trial Bicycle 1988 - Steel Vintage Bikes

Moser flew to Stuttgart and on the 21st May 1988, he was met by 7,500 supporters at the Schleyer Halle. Moser got everything right that afternoon and the Ambrosio carbon-fibre lenticular rear wheel proved to be as effective as a flywheel. Already after two kilometres, he was ahead of Viatcheslav Ekimov, albeit by a small margin, and in the last few minutes, he was triumphant, pushing the record to 50.644km.

This famous ‘big wheel bike’ is what we are offering here, the actual bike that Moser set the indoor record on in 1988. A real piece of history.

Francesco Moser Personal Indoor Hour Record Time Trial Bicycle 1988 - Steel Vintage Bikes

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