Packaging Process for Bicycles

Here is a detailed information about our 11-step packaging process for every bicycle to ensure safe transportation and minimize any damage risk. This process is only for bicycles that are shipped outside of Germany. The German parcels are bigger (due to ground transportation) and content a bicycle that is not disassembled.

Small boxes are used for shipments outside of Germany. Large boxes are used for shipments within Germany only.

11 Steps of Packaging Process for Bicycle Shipments Outside of Germany

1. The Wheels are dismounted

2. Removing saddle and seatpost

3. The Handlebars and stem are removed by unfastening the bolt inside the stem

4. The right arm of crankset is removed

5. The Rear Derailleur is dismounted from the hanger

6. Inserting Dropout Spacers in the front and rear dropouts.

7. Protecting the frame with foam tubes.

8. Wrapping up the rear derailleur

9. Protecting the wheel and freewheel

10. Boxing the components

11. Boxing the Bicycle. 

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